Hunting & Fishing License

If your fishing on Nolin Lake, and are 16 years of age, or older, you will need a fishing license.
Smitty City sells all types of Fishing and Hunting license.
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Who Does not Need a License:

Resident or nonresident children under the age of 16 may fish without a license.

Resident and nonresident kids under the age of 12 are not required to purchase hunting
licenses and permits, except the elk lottery application, elk quota hunt permit, out-of-zone elk permit and bear permit .

Hunters eligible to participate in the Free Youth Hunting & Trapping Week or Free Youth Deer Hunting Weekend,
and adults who accompany a youth hunter but are not hunting themselves, are not required to have a license or permit during these seasons.

The following do not have to have sport hunting or fishing licenses:

1. Resident owners of farmlands, their spouses and dependent children hunting or fishing on their lands. This also applies
to tenants actually engaged in work and residing on farmlands, their spouses and dependent children. To be classed as a tenant,
a person must both live and work on a farm.

2. Kentucky resident servicemen or women on furlough of more than three days, carrying proper identification and papers showing furlough status.

3. Residents or nonresident participating in a field trial authorized by the department are exempt from license requirements if game is not taken.

Disability License Exemption Information:

KRS 150.175 (aa) states that Kentucky residents certified totally and permanently disabled are eligible to purchase
the discounted Senior/Disabled Combination Hunting and Fishing License ($5), but must first obtain a
disability authorization card to be able to purchase this special license. The procedure is as follows:

If your disability is through the:

  1. Federal Social Security Administration contact your local social security office and request a printout that includes your name,
    SS#, date of birth and address.  This printout must also state that you are disabled and are currently receiving benefits.
  2. Veteran's Administration contact your local VA office and request a letter stating your disability is at least 50% service connected.
  3. State Worker's Compensation Board Request an application from KDFWR, complete it and send it to the State Worker's Compensation Board.
  4. United States Railroad Retirement Board contact the Board and request a letter stating you are 100% disabled.
  5. Kentucky Teacher Retirement System contact the Teacher Retirement System and request written documentation stating you are 100% disabled.
  6. United States Office of Personnel Management contact the federal Office of Personnel Management and obtain certification of
    employment, obtain certification of being 100% disabled from a recognized authority, and obtain documentation of being a Kentucky resident.


  • Mail your disability certification (and proof of residency as noted in #6 above) to: KDFWR, Disability License,
    #1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601, or
  • Fax the form to: Disability License, (502) 564-9845, or
  • Bring the form in person to the KDFWR office in Frankfort during business hours (8:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m.).

Once the documentation is processed, you will receive an authorization card that allows you to purchase the $5 license from ANY license vendor.
You must present the authorization card at time of purchase. Authorization cards are valid for three years
do not lose the authorization card or you will have to repeat the process unnecessarily the next year.

Holders of Senior/Disabled Combination Licenses, if qualifying for the license due to eligible disability,
must carry both the license and authorization card while hunting and fishing.

Call 800-858-1549 for more information.

Senior/Disabled License:

Since March 1, 1999, senior and disabled residents previously exempt from license requirements are required to purchase
a $5.00 license to hunt and fish.   The license allows you to hunt and fish and covers the following state permits:
  deer, turkey, migratory bird, waterfowl, and trout.  Qualifications for purchasing the discounted license are the same
as the qualifications were for the exemption.  For senior residents, they simply need to give their date of birth.
The Senior/Disabled selection will only show when the date of birth indicates the customer has reached his/her 65th birthday .

Disabled residents must be a veteran with at least a 50% service-connected disability or be declared totally and permanently
disabled by the Federal Social Security Administration, the State Department of Worker's Claims, the United States
Railroad Retirement Board, the Kentucky Teacher Retirement system or the United States Office of Personnel Management. 
They must provide the department with certification of their disability from the appropriate agency.  Once the department
receives the correct certification, the hunter/angler will be issued an authorization card.  The card will be valid for a period of
3 years and can be renewed at the end of the period by re-applying for a disabled authorization card.  You must go to any
license agent or the internet and purchase your $5.00 discounted license each year to be legal to hunt or fish. When
purchasing the discounted license, the hunter/angler will present the authorization card to the license agent.  
The license agent will be required to enter the card number to access the Senior/Disabled license table and make the sale. 
For more information, go to
Disability License Exemption Information .

In both cases, the resident will be asked for a date of birth.  The disabled resident also will be asked to supply the
authorization card.  In both cases, documentation of their qualification to purchase the discounted license must be
carried in addition to the license itself while hunting or fishing.  For the disabled resident, the authorization card is
the proof needed.   For the senior resident, a driver's license is all the proof needed, but other documentation
of residency and age is acceptable.