Smitty City is located on Nolin Lake, Ky. We are in the city of Leitchfield and are only minutes from Nolin Lake.
Smitty City has an extensive line of auto and marine oil and greawse. Stop in our shop our fine selection. We have oil, transmission fluid, starter fluids, auto cleaners, glue, epoxy, battery and morE. Stop in and see us for all of your automotive needs.
When you need a battery for your car, truc, boat, jet-ski, or tractor, come to Smitty City. We carry a complete line of qualtity batteries.
When you need glue for your auto or marine project, think of Smitty City. We carry all types of glues for your car, truck, tractor, boat and jet-ski. We have glue and epoxy that can be used for home inporvement, on your car motor or on your boat. Thin of Smitty City for all your local automotive and marine glues.
Oil, Fluids, and More
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Smitty City carries a large selection of automotive supplies and parts for your car or truck. We have a complete line of oils, transmission fluids, fix-a-flat, fuel lines, clamps, windshield cleaner detergents wax,
and much more.

Batteries for your car, truck, boat, motorcycle,
jet-ski, tractor and many others can be found
at Smitty City.

Please bring in your core and we will be happy
to help you find just the right battery.

Smitty City carries a full line of glues for your car,
truck, motorcycle, boat and more.

We have glue and epoxy for auto, and marine. Some epoxy will even cure underwater.

Need a light for your car or boat? Smitty City is the place to look. We carry a complete line of light bulbs for all type of cars, and boats.
Light Bulbs and more
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Never be without a working light on your car, truck or boat. Stop in at Smitty City. We are sure to have the replacement bulb for your car or boat. We stock many different bulbs and try to have not only the common bulbs but some hard to find bulbs.